Speaker Reviews

  • Elsa was our key-note speaker at our women’s retreat in the fall of 2009.  No words can express the deep spiritual impact that she made on the women of Woodcrest that weekend.  Elsa has a rare gift of being funny, charming, warm and yet so real and authentic.  The state of our souls when we came to the retreat were generally overworked, overwhelmed, and hungry for connection with God.   Elsa took us through a journey of healing some deep places of pain and brought us to a place of being able to love God, others, and ourselves in a deeper and fuller way.  She touched our souls in a way that made an eternal difference. The topic and theme of our retreat was a difficult one and something we often wrestle with….. “Is God Good?” (In the midst of the pain and suffering we experience in the world).     Elsa handled a difficult subject with care and grace.  She met us right where we were in the disappointment and pain, and walked us through a journey of healing, hope and trust in God’s goodness.  We came out on the other side able to push through our barriers to trusting God, able to more fully experience his love and grace. (Linda Fentress, Women's Ministry Leader, Woodcrest Chapel (Columbia, MO)

  • Elsa is not only an inspiring and heartfelt communicator, she also reflects Christ with her very encouraging and infectious presence - Mark Skalberg, Pastor of MOSAIC Ministries, Woodmen Valley Chapel (Colorado Springs).
  • Elsa has a powerful and inspirational message that will move and challenge the listener to draw closer to God and to one another in love. She speaks from her heart and the spirit of God shines through her - Eliada Rivera, Singles Pastor, Central Bible Assembly of God Church (Miami, Florida).
  • Elsa came to our church and poured out her heart to our singles group. It only takes a minute to realize that she is truly devoted to the leadership of our Lord Jesus Christ. She depends on him for every step she takes, every move she makes and every word she speaks. Her message was so real and full of hope and inspiration that our single parents were talking about her for months. She has a wonderful smile that's contagious, a great sense of humor and a tremendous love for the Lord . . . this last year I heard her speak at the general session of a leadership conference. And speak she did. Let me put it this way - it's not a pretty sight to see that many grown men crying. If you think that God is not at work in the lives of his people, or that there's something He can't handle, or that He doesn't care, you need to hear Elsa speak. Dee and Sandy O'Steen, Woodmont Baptist Church (Florence, Alabama).
  • Elsa is a genuine, sincere, encouraging and humorous woman who lets it all flow from the heart when she speaks. From the moment you meet her, you realize that she stays close to the heart of God because his light radiates from her smile, from her attitude about life, from her humility and honesty, and through every word that comes from her mouth. Kevin Guffey, Pastor (Hutchinson, Kansas).
  • Elsa is one of our 'must have' speakers at the annual, national leadership conference. Elsa always gets outstanding reviews on her evaluations because her messages are heartfelt, compassionate and they touch people where they are . . . Elsa truly ministers to her audiences through her speaking, her kind spirit and through one on one interactions - Susan Tjaden, SAM Conference Coordinator, Cook Ministries.

Book Reviews

Settling for Less Than God's Best? A Relationship Checkup for Single Women

  • Elsa Kok Colopy has written another great book (Settling for Less Than God's Best?) full of great advice, easy to use checklists and heartfelt stories to encourage, coach and mentor single women in their journey. A must read! (Amazon.com review)

    The information in this book literally transformed the way I think about relationships and dating. I have shared this book with many of my single women friends, who have in turn shared it with their friends. I think all teen girls should read this book as well - before venturing out into the world of dating - S. Dawkins (Birmingham, Alabama)

    This book is easy to read and you don't want to put it down. I found my self hanging on every word of wisdom that Kok had to guide me through the murky waters of modern dating. You won't be disappointed!(amazom.com review)

    As far as I am concerned, everyone female over 16 should read this book to help with their relationships, especially personal relationship with God. I am using it to teach women in a Bible Study setting and it is enjoyed greatly by all ages.(G. Harris)

A Woman Who Hurts, A God Who Heals

  • This book is incredible. Initially, I bought this book because the content description mentioned journaling and I thought this would be a good way to start. Plus I figured I would benefit spiritually and that would be a good thing. I had no idea how much I would gain from working through this study. I am emotionally and spiritually healthier and much closer to my Savior after having completed this book. I have purchased several copies since starting the study and given it to friends. It has been a true blessing. I recommend it even for women who don't hurt.(amazon.com review)

    Elsa Kok writes in such a manner that she draws the reader into each narrative, releasing the hurts of the past, and replacing the emptiness with the promise of God's unconditional love. No longer does one have to search for love in all the wrong places; this quick-read study envelops the reader in the warmth of God's protective, loving arms and inspires each woman to move forward in confidence, knowing that with Jesus by her side, all things are possible.(Kay Dee)

    As a women's Bible study teacher and speaker, I have found this book to be invaluable to me personally as I filter through hurts of my past. It has also equipped me to be sensitive to other women who may be struggling with past guilt or shame. The reader will find this study to be firmly based in scripture which will lead them right to the heart of God, the God who heals both the heart and mind.(Kim West)

    Clearly, Elsa Kok has walked through some fires herself, and has a real, down-to-earth way of talking to people who are wounded. Her books help people, especially women, heal...because she will tell you about God's absolute crazy love for YOU. And it feels like you're sitting down talking to a friend.(amazon.com review)