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The speaking topics listed below are general. As you communicate your particular need, topics will be tailored specifically to your church group or organization. It's only after prayer and consideration regarding your event that final talks are prepared.


  • To Love and be Loved: Each session of this retreat is built around intimacy, learning to love God and others in a way that builds authentic, life-changing, laugh-abundant, grace-filled relationship.
  • Because He's Real: Because God is real, because we believe, everything should be different, right? The circumstances, the relationships . . . so what happens if they're not? If we struggle and walk uphill and feel weary? There is hope. This retreat helps us live the reality of our belief when life is messy.
  • The Artist: Each piece of our story has a place in the masterpiece God is fashioning. We don't have to hide our past or pretend through our present. Learn to weave your past into your present as God crafts your future, and experience joy in the process.

Specific to Women:


  • (Un)balanced - When our priorities seem out of whack, how do we regain our focus? This retreat is perfect for women on the go who need a breath of fresh air and some help eliminating the hurry from their lives.
  • What a Girl Dreams Of: What are the desires of your heart? Passion, purpose, intimacy, hope, romance. This retreat will offer practical tools to get you there . . . and humorous anecdotes to amuse you on the way.
  • Is that Chocolate on Your Breath? Enjoying the good gifts God has given without sabotaging ourselves, guilting each other or overindulging. Celebrating God's kindness!

Specific to singles and single again:

  • One True Love: It's easy to say "I'll find my value in Christ, I won't compromise in a dating relationship just to be with someone." But that statement is much more difficult to live out. Refusing arms that may be unhealthy in order to pursue relationship with our God is no easy thing - but it can be done!
  • Broken Pieces: We don't have to sweep our broken pieces under the rug. As we set them before him, God will do the most amazing things with our brokeness. This retreat walks through the process - how to help it along, and the things we do to get in the way.

It's been my joy to walk alongside singles, single-agains and DivorceCare leaders and attendees. Please remember, I am very willing to work with you in preparing a retreat specific to your community needs. 


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